Teen vaping? New UK e-cig study shows 66 percent of vapers are over 40

There have been numerous articles and press releases published over the years by organizations like the FDA, the CDC, and the American Lung Association making startling claims that teen vaping is on the rise.  While this fact may be true to some degree, a new UK e-cig study shows that more than 66 percent of all vapers are over the age of 40.  This begs the question – what is the real purpose behind these attacks on vaping?

A local vape shop in Norwich, England decided to find out the typical demographics of the average vaper.  By conducting an independent survey of some 500 participants, the local vape shop Smoke Shop discovered some rather intriguing results.

  • 6 percent are over the age of 40
  • 3 percent are over the age of 50
  • 7 percent are over the age of 60
  • 5 percent have switched to vaping while completely quitting smoking
  • 76 percent of vapers are male
  • 24 percent of vapers are female

The fact that two-thirds of all vapers are 40 years of age or older seems to indicate that claims made by anti-vaping organizations are essentially targeting the wrong audience.  Yes, teen vaping may be on the rise, but to what degree?

Are rumors of increased teen vaping a lie?

According to the UK study, the typical vaper doesn’t look like the image being painted by most public health organizations, particularly those in the U.S.  The average vaper is middle-aged, male, and trying to quit smoking.  He is not some backwards-baseball-cap-wearing hipster with baggy pants and an affinity for living a life of free-spirited debauchery.

And shouldn’t public health officials be giving teens a pat on the back for choosing to experiment with vaping rather than smoking cigarettes anyway?  That’s how most vapers got hooked on smoking in the first place – good, old-fashion, teenage experimentation.

Smok Shops also makes clear that e-cigs are considered to be 95 percent less toxic than combustible tobacco products, as published in 2015 research by the Royal College of Physicians.  So why are anti-vaping activists focusing so much on the alleged dangers of teen vaping?  Perhaps because parents are far more willing to believe any negative news story that poses a threat to their children, especially if the intentionally mislead article is published by a federal institution like the FDA or the CDC.

Article Credit: Matt Rowland

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