Pasadena, CA: CDC-funded anti-tobacco campaign calls vapers ‘stupid sheep’

Just when we the American People were hoping for a break from the nasty political rhetoric of the 2016 election season, the Pasadena Health Department launches one of the most insulting anti-tobacco campaigns of all time.  During a Wednesday press conference, city health officials unveiled a series of the new print advertisements depicting people wearing sheep’s masks and black cloaks with a white cloud of what is assumed to be e-liquid vapor coming from their mouths.

Below the image is the caption, “Don’t follow the herd. Vaping effects are unknown, stupid sheep.”

According to the Pasadena Independent, the ad campaign is funded by none other than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an organization well-known for intentionally distributing false information and outright lies about the e-cig and vaping industries.

Apparently, the Pasadena Public Health Department believes that these bold and rather creepy advertisements will somehow combat an alleged escalation in use of e-cigs, vaping technology, mentholated cigarettes, and other flavored tobacco products by African-Americans and Latinos in the Pasadena, California area.

Is the Pasadena Health Department ‘pulling the wool” over our eyes?

The ads will appear both in print and online, predominately on numerous forms of social media, the sides of transit busses and terminals, and even in many tobacco stores, too. Pasadena Health Official Dr. Ying-Ying Goh says the ads are meant to drive home the point that tobacco use is still the number one cause of death in the United States.

“Most young people who use tobacco report using flavored products. These products are deadly tools that hook young people onto a lifetime of tobacco use.”  – Dr. Ying-Ying Goh

Once again, another U.S. public health official is trying to trick the American People into thinking that vaping and smoking are one-in-the-same.  Otherwise, why would these ads focus entirely on vaping without even mentioning the real threat – smoked tobacco?  After all, it is a well-documented fact that vaping is 95 percent safer and healthier than smoking, albeit these statistics come primarily from European health organizations like the UK’s Royal College of Physicians and not the CDC.

Pro-vaping advocate and Professor of Public Health at Boston University School Dr. Michael Siegel found the ad campaign particularly offensive.  In his daily blog, Siegel states that the Pasadena Health Department may be trying to “pulling the wool over people’s eyes.”

“There really is no place for a campaign like this in public health. We should never call people stupid. Even if people are making poor health choices, it does not mean they are stupid. And we have no business calling them stupid. This gives public health a bad name and harms our reputation…The rest of the story is that it is actually the Pasadena Health Department which is “pulling the wool” over people’s eyes (if there is any sheep-like behavior going on) by equating vaping with smoking.”

Apparently, Dr. Goh and the rest of the Pasadena Health Department has already drunk a substantial dose of the CDC Kool-Aid while becoming full-fledged members of the Friedenites, a new anti-vaping cult led by CDC Director Thomas Frieden.  Beware.  Approach with caution.  And never, ever, look directly into their eyes.

The entire article from the Pasadena Independent can be viewed online. Above image by PI Photographer Terry Miller.

Article Credit: Matt Rowland

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