Coming soon: Totally Wicked Stadium, the vape-friendly home of the UK St. Helens Saints

Never afraid to be the center of controversy, the UK e-liquid manufacturer Totally Wicked has just announced their newly acquired rights to name the home stadium of the St. Helens Saints rugby football team after the company brand.  Following the lead of the AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys and the Staple Center for the Los Angeles Lakers, Totally Wicked Stadium will be boldly emblazed on the front of the building as well as on the players’ jerseys.

The company has a long history of challenging governmental authority, both in the UK and abroad.  When the EU first announced its contentious Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), Totally Wicked initiated a lawsuit to challenge its legality.

To further drive home their point, the company later opened a vape shop directly next door to former Health Minister Mark Drakeford, the primary politician responsible for proposing the TBD in the first place. Totally Wicked also had the honorable distinction of being the very first company to open a brick and mortar vape shop here in the United States.

With such a long history of in-your-face, pro-vaping advocacy and marketing tactics, UK vapers are not surprised that popular e-liquid retailer both bid and won the contract for what will soon be called Totally Wicked Stadium, home of the St. Helen Saints.  Take that, EU!

Will vaping be allowed at Totally Wicked Stadium?

Currently known as Langtree Park, the stadium has the capacity to hold up to 18,000 vaping sports fans.  The St. Helens Saints are one of only twelve rugby football clubs in Europe’s Super League, the highest level of professional competition.  And it is not uncommon for the stadium to be sold out for home events.

The move by Totally Wicked to rebrand the stadium is even supported by the team.  Saints Chairman and spokesperson Eamonn McManus gave a brief statement to the national press shortly after the announcement.

“Totally Wicked has been a loyal and valuable supporter and sponsor of Saints for the last four years.
“For the club, this new increased sponsorship deal was a natural development of an already established relationship that has been of tremendous benefit to the club, not just financially, but also in supporting our wider health objectives.
“The club plays an active role not only in sport, but also in health and education, and over the last four years of working with Totally Wicked, we have been able to create a supportive and vape-friendly atmosphere at the club.
“We believe this new deal will further this pioneering work by not only helping to raise awareness yet further of the damage smoking tobacco can do [but] also in deterring people from taking on the habit in the first place.”

It might be very exciting to watch that first rugby football match in the newly renamed Totally Wicked Stadium.  Will 18,000 vapers fill the seats in protest of the TPD and other proposed regulations?  Or will administrators change their minds about creating a “vape friendly atmosphere at the club?”  

Some online chatter disputes the claim that the stadium will be vape-friendly.  One Reddit user claiming to be a season ticket holder posted an email response from the Stadium’s Support Services confirming that “electronic cigarettes are not permitted.”

Perhaps this stadium employee hasn’t yet received the company memo about the new club sponsor.  Either way, the first home game to take place in Totally Wicked Stadium is scheduled for January 22, 2017.  Buy your tickets now.

Article Credit: Matt Rowland

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