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As we made the change to a more beneficial style of living, away from tobacco, we found vaping can often be overwhelming and confusing. These factors can often deter people to the idea of making the switch to a vaporizer.

So our question was, how can we make vaping easier and even fun for people trying to live a healthier lifestyle? Our answer: LazyVape.

We do the legwork so you don’t have to. With our experience we can get you a product that’s right for you, answer any questions you have, and help you with any issues that may occur. LazyVape doesn’t mean we’re lazy, it means you can be!


Our Consistency

With vaping, consistency is key. Not only do you need manufacturers that are trustworthy, but you also need a retailer that can get your products to you in a timely manner, share valuable information with you about the products you are purchasing, and know that your purchases are what was advertised by your retailer.  We at LazyVape pride ourselves on the consistency we offer in not only our products but our delivery as well. We will get the order to you as quickly as we can, sometimes within less than an hour! If you’re a local shopper, you will be astounded by our speed and the consistency of great delivery times. We strive to keep your favorite products in stock so you know you can always rely on LazyVape for your favorite juice, tanks, coils, and mods! With easy ordering, quick delivery, and a consistent stock of the best brands that all our LazyVapers love!



We focus on high quality liquids and easy to use hardware to bring you the magic of vaping. LazyVape sells name brand products that are leaders in the vaping industry, to provide you a top notch vaping experience and an easy warranty policy. With a wide selection from beginner to advanced, economical to fancy, and everything in between we guarantee we have something for you! We have everything you need to turn you into a LazyVaper!